Monday, March 10, 2008

Meet Our New Innkeeper from Wayland Orchard

Today's blog introduces David Wayland, innkeeper of Wayland Orchard Bed and Breakfast in Crozet Virginia. We welcome this new
bed and breakfast to our guide.

So David, what made you decide to open a bed and breakfast?

There were several reasons we began the B&B. We always wanted to do something like that, we had the mother-in-law suite which was perfect for a B&B, and we enjoy people and getting to make friends out of strangers. Also, we have a wonderful site with mountains and lakes around us and we are close to Monticello and University of Virginia.

What is the best part about living in Crozet?

We live in my childhood home with wonderful memories and are close to the amazing small city of Charlottesville, ranked the best in the nation!

If you had to name one reason, why would you say you like being an innkeeper?

Our favorite thing about B&Bing is meeting wonderful guests and it is a great way to add to our income!

Do you have a memorable moment while running your bed & breakfast?

I'd say having guest drive up for the night and us not realizing there was a reservation for that date; we sent them to a winery while we made up the bed, cleaning the room, and got food. They had a great time tasting wine and we were forgiven.

Do you have any advice for others thinking of becoming an innkeeper?

Stay in at least six B&B's and take notes. Operate it to reflect your own tastes, not someone else's. Read a good book on the subject, such as How to Open and Operate a Bed and Breakfast. Get as much advertising as you can afford.

Thanks David and welcome International Bed and Breakfast Pages.

You can contact David at:

Wayland Orchard Bed and Breakfast
6474 Apple Green Lane
Crozet Virginia United States 22932-2510

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