Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Most Expensive Breakfast

Chris Zwierzynski, from shares some expert advice with readers on the most expensive breakfast.

Bed & Breakfast. We all understand the Bed part: a nice, relaxing stay away from home maybe as part of a road trip, in friendly company and in a restful atmosphere. The Breakfast part we also understand, nourishing replenishment in the form of home-prepared delicious food. But do we understand the limits of this “breakfast”? To fully understand the lofty heights to which the term, function and practice of this “breakfast” can be taken, we should take a look at the world’s most expensive breakfast, which cost a staggering £22,000 (over $35,000).
The meal consists of a simple set up of a croissant, jam, coffee and a Chambord and champagne cocktail. Then comes the twist (read: expensive part), as the croissant itself is hand-decorated with gold (edible, of course) and diamonds (maybe not so edible, but you could try!), which is in turn accompanied with a fine spread of Bar le Duc jam, hand-seeded for extra luxury. To wash this sumptuous feast down, you are then presented with what is arguably the world’s most expensive coffee (how it tastes, I have no idea), Kopi Luwak. Add to this the coup de grace (mentioned shortly) and you have a meal fit for a king, steeped in lavish opulence.
The aforementioned finishing touch was a Chambord (French raspberry liqueur) and champagne cocktail, which made up the majority of the price at £20,000 ($32,000). However, even the bottle the liqueur is served from positively reeks of decadence, as it’s encrusted with gold, diamonds and pearls and is actually worth around $2.4 million. Now that’s pouring in style.

So the next time you come across what you might think is an expensive breakfast, just realize how much you could be spending.

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